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I'm a transplant to San Francisco from NYC many years ago and have aged in place. I am a retired developmental and copy editor for NYU Press and several large NY publishers. I retired as an English instructor from City College of San Francisco in 2012 to finally begin writing creatively for myself, and hopefully a few people who would be my audience. After a fearful and tentative start, I sent out a food memoir piece to the "SF Chronicle," and they published it. I also published another memoir, about the Bronx in the 1940s in "Jewish Currents." I discovered that I was fascinated with the ambiance of the 1940s and 1950s, the eras of my childhood, and I felt, as a child of the Left--who has had plenty of time to reflect--that I had something to say, if only to those who lived in that atmosphere. I was surprised and delighted that my first novel, which I self-published,and promoted virtually not at all, was appreciated by a small but quite diversified audience who recommended it by word of mouth. When a nice lady visiting from Austin told me that she picked it up from her daughter-in-law's coffee table and swiped it so she could finish it on the plane back to Texas, I figured it was time to start another novel.  When I’m not writing, I love to sing in an ensemble, dance, when I get a chance, read, garden, and bake.  I love good music—all kinds—and good books, of course. Also a good refreshing argument—the dinner table kind. 


e: aliceruthrosenthal@gmail.com